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Best Photography Business Card Design

Recently my visiting card got selected to be featured on the website as one of the most creative business cards. I had not submitted the card to them but they themselves asked me if they could feature it. And I was more than happy. They also asked me few questions related to card, like what inspired, material and more designs. I had already planned to blog about the card. But then this thing happened before my plan could be executed. (For the past few months, I have not been allowed to be LAZY)

My visiting card which was featured amongst best visiting cards

So what inspired the card. When I started with the idea of the card. I had two things in mind, one it should be SIMPLE, and second it should connect to the heart. My website name had already been decided by then ( ), so I decided that my card will be a camera, a simple camera. So the first criteria got fulfilled, now the next task was to make it connect.

My 2year old nephew had a role to play in this, he had this nice toy camera and when I would go to my sisters place, he would relate to me with the camera. Whenever he saw that I was carrying a bag he would say khichik-khichik (click-click, his term for the camera) and try to see me through the viewfinder … so the idea was a simple camera with a viewfinder to see the world. So the front of my card was cam with dev written on it. (which made it relate to my website cam-dev). And while reading the contact information you could see the world through the viewfinder.

I designed the first draft in Adobe Photoshop (A mistake, as I am not really a design expert), then I was asked to convert it to vector format by the PrintXpress people.
My first design had a simple ring to denote the lens. It got reviewed by few of my friends and then I got it printed. It did not look like a lens and the card looked too empty. Also I had chosen 40% black for the contact details, which looked very light after print and it was not legible. So the card design was updated with a lens glare and color change for the contact details. I decided to go for the thickest sheet possible(280gsm ivory) , so that the card was more durable. Also the person at PrintXpress was quite helpful in doing the selection.

In between I had got 200 cards printed in Mumbai, hoping to distribute them when I went to Kingfisher Calendar Launch party. But I just gave 5 cards. So I decided that I will get the rest punched too. When I was collecting the cards from PrintXpress, then one gentleman asked me if he could have one for his collection. And I happily agreed.

Its also featured here
Also featured at here

Happy New Year 2010 and THANK YOU

He came .. He asked for Votes (read as begged/ spammed with mails) … and he won the Kingfisher Calendar Contest … And he vanished … And became a big politician …

Stop Stop … I’m no politician and I can never be one (even if I am good at begging for votes) …

Well then the next question would be … why not a thank you mail as well? I wanted to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU … and with some more goodies …

1. Treat (If you can catch hold of me :D )

and there is only one right now.

December 2009 was a busy month, even though I was on vacation. I was busy like never before … since I was working on two small projects … and they had to be done nicely … One of them which you already have seen is my new blog .. (isn’t this where we are right now? ) where I will be writing about some useful stuff and my life … my old blog which some of you must have gone through … is in hibernation like Kumbhkaran … and I don’t have any food to offer to him …

So what is the other thing? I have finally accomplished one more dream, of having my own website, partially designed by me. So here I present the link to the website
and there is one more project for which some of you have seen sample and received too. But others have to wait for some more days. Mostly a week.

But this still doesn’t answer for the NON-BIG BIG THANK YOU part. Well, I wanted to club the launch of the site with the thank you with the HAPPY NEW YEAR.

The cool thing is now a days you can wish people for the festivals 3 days in advance or 3 days later too, depending on the festival. (This margin is just one day for birthdays of course). So this implies I am well within the limits to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR. Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.

For Girls:
May god shower John/Ranbir etc etc on you. (One at a time)
For Guys:
May god shower babes of Kingfisher Calendar on you. (All at a time)

And BIG BIG THANK YOU to all of you for increasing the photography itch in me. I hope it will result in better pics in 2010.

And if you find that my mails are close to spam, then please let me know. I will remove you from the BUG-LIST, oops I meant TO-BUG-LIST.
Also since my flickr has been dormant for past few days, does it mean it has hibernated too? Nopes, it hasn’t and the services will be resumed soon.

Please forward the BIG BIG THANK YOU to people around you(All who were made to vote for me). And some HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes too.
Any feedback on the design of the site, the quality(Good/Bad) of pictures there is WELCOME.

Also as I’m fasion freak and creating a fan page on Facebook is in fashion. So I have created one for myself too. my Fan Page. THANKS.

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