This was my second journey to the city which has produced lots of IITians. My second Creative Candid Photography assignment in Kota. (Note to self::Its been 5 month that I have been full time photographer and second visit to Kota)

At bangalore airport the security guard asked me to have haircut as my picture in the pan card did not resemble me anymore. So he asked me to get some identity card with long hair(not really sure if there is a process to renew pan card due to hair overgrowth and also makes me wonder if same applies to hair loss).

My flight was spicejet flight from bangalore to jaipur via mumbai. The crowd to tier-2 cities is quite unruly(same seen on journey to indore and madurai) and here as well I saw people traveling from mumbai to jaipur quite unruly too. Use of mobile phones, tray table open all the time to name a few of the acts. The flight was not unruly though. It reached before time.

I decided to go to durgapura station in jaipur to catch my train to kota. (On the recommendation of her highness princess of Kota, Anushri). If you love food on railway stations then its a wrong station to be on. I had lots of time to kill and ponder on the question  of a kid on the station to his parents that ‘Do only girls have long hair?’. Another boy on the station asked me if I was into music industry, more specifically drummer.

The train got delayed and reached only around 10pm. And trains do not have concept of late night dinner or midnight buffet, which meant hungry trip. I finally reached Kota at 1.30am, an hour late. And I was brought declared hungry to this hotel called Madhushree. I checked in, the guy on the counter was confused that which suite is to be given. There was option between honeymoon suite and ruby suite. I did not have appearance of a honey-mooner, so finally I got ruby suite. A really nice double room.

Slept well. Woke up early to have complimentary (free-free-free) breakfast. And as I wanted to have something light and filling(remember that I did not have dinner yesterday), I settled for idli (I know some people will raise eyebrows on my choice), but somehow I feel sambhar in this part of india is much more tasty. And bravo Madhushree, it proved me right.

Then I was off to the venue with another IITian joseph, who happened to know my friend Ashish and had seen my work as well. The engagement ceremony started little late. And there was lot of crowd. Usual tussle for taking good pictures in confined spaces. The lunch had dal baati, a substitute for sleeping pills. Then there was a break for some time and since I had dal baati, I was dropped to my hotel Madhushree. I took little rest and then again headed off to the wedding.

The wedding procession was just starting when I reached the venue. Typically there is a guy who sings super-remix of all sorts of songs. And then there is a band and ladies with lights on their head and a generator to kill all the bad odour left by baraat. I love Marwari baraats for ghoomar song. The style is pretty cool and I feel like dancing too. But after fracturing my hand while doing dandia, I feel scared to do any dance that involves turns. The wedding was cool one yet again. Nice food, nice fun. The brides side had a procession for her as well.

Now the faces have started looking similar as the pundit turned out to the same as Ashish’s wedding. He is slow and little weirdo. Not that I am very fond of pundits. But this guy was supposedly in police and quit his job and started weddings. Makes me wonder if most of people in wedding business have come after quitting their job.

The vidai happened at 6am and Madhushree was calling me. I went back to the hotel and fell asleep in her lap. Though I was supposed to start for jaipur at 8am, I finally took indore jodhpur express. Tata bbye to IIT city.

From this blog I will start rating the hotels I have stayed in:
Madhushree: Minimum room rent:2500, Rating: 4/5