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How to present your best folio to get most constructive feedback? #day2

Off late I get lots of request from people to see their work and comment on it.

So I thought I should write about some things that should be kept in mind before writing such a mail to anyone, so that you get the best feedback.

1. Introspect

First of all try to criticize your own work. Do you find some faults? How it could have been clicked better? In terms of lighting, composition, situation? If you do not find the solution, then it makes sense to ask someone.

2. Just picked a DSLR

I just picked a DSLR, I started clicking things around me. Do u think I can be a photographer/do u think I click well. The question effectively is “is my camera working fine?”, the answer is yes, so the first impression you will create is little bad.

3. Too many albums

I love all my pictures and there are just 500pics and 50 albums. Nobody in this world has time to look at someone else’s images and critique them, unless they are of awesome quality. And if you have that awesome quality then you don’t need feedback anyways.

4. Love my subject too much

I loved this sunset/bird/flower, so I clicked 10 pics of it. Repetitive images don’t please anyone (moreover it makes you look like more amateurish) , unless they have something unique in terms of composition/lighting or they create a story, if they don’t, sadly you have to remove few of them.

If you want your work to look professional in future, you can not escape right now by saying I am an amateur.

So ideally if you want constructive feedback from anyone, you should present them with about 20images and in case feedback on them is good, then you can ask them if they would like to see more.

My Bucket List

My Bucket List

My Bucket List

My bucket list. The idea of bucket list is awesome. And I thought I will make mine as well.

  1. Pursue my passion to make a career out of it (Done in Sept, 2010)
  2. Travel to Europe.
  3. Do bungee jumping in New Zealand.
  4. Shoot Deepika Padukone (partially done at kingfisher calendar launch )
  5. Shoot a video for lady gaga.
  6. Blog continuously for 30 days.
  7. Act in a movie. (short movie is done :D )
  8. Work on a play with Vinay Pathak.
  9. Appear on TV (appeared on MTV Volkswagen Polo Ultimate Drive Challenge)
  10. Walk on ramp in a proper professional show.
  11. Write a book (photobook right now). (done with my book illuminati-The Engineering of illumination, buy it here)
  12. Have an exhibition on Quilling works.
  13. Have a photography exhibition. (Group exhibition is done)
  14. Bring happiness into life of people.(Going on and on)
  15. Have his own website.
  16. Travel to valley of flowers.
  17. Travel to Ladakh.
  18. Create a valley of lilies, which will bloom in different seasons.
  19. Have a big (at least 20×20 ft ) lotus pond in the house.
  20. Click a runaway bride.
  21. Learn playing flute.
  22. learn swimming.
  23. Help people with photography. (partially done in IITKgp , IIMB , IITB, IITG, IIMI, Oracle )
  24. Own a persian cat.
  25. Make a big wall size aquarium in the house.
  26. Scuba dive.
  27. Parasailing.
  28. Appear on Comedy circus.
  29. Make my parents proud. (Did it in 1999, but the feelings changed in Sept.2010 :D )
  30. Make ad-spoof videos and have a television show out of it.
  31. Own a Siberian Husky dog.
  32. Swim with dolphins.
  33. Learn sand art on Puri beach, from Sudarshan Patnaik
  34. Give an interview on the Radio … (Did it in 2011, AIR FM Rainbow, Listen to it)
  35. Get an image published on a book cover (Done .. Vinu I am getting married by Vineet Mishra …Cover)
  36. Sky diving in Dubai Watch it here


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