One year of full time photography

One year of full time photography

Hola amigos :-)

Breaking news … On 9/13, I complete one year as a full-time photographer. Some of you are aware of the fact and some aren’t. There are others who still don’t have much clue about what I click. So, here is a blog about what I did in the last year .

The year that went by was an eventful one. Lots of work and tons of fun kept me going.

Shoots related to fashion, product, portrait, wild-life and candid shots were a part of my work executed and capturing moments during various wedding ceremonies has by far been a great experience.

All this was possible only because of your love and support (plus the “likes” on Facebook, of course). A lot of you appreciated my work and told me about the different emotions that my images evoke in you, which brings out one emotion in me … HAPPINESS.

At the same time, I felt that I haven’t connected or not been able to connect with everyone of you due to my commitments and a busy calendar year. Thank you for all the support and good-wishes :-) .

On completion of one year into full-time photography, firstly, I want to share these moments of joy and happiness with you. The world is a really beautiful place and at the end of the day if I could make at least one person happy or smile with my pictures, that would surely make my day and my work more worthy. If my pictures have made you happy at any point of time and if you feel you can spread the happiness by letting someone know that they are beautiful and so is the world around them, I’ve created cards (seen through my lens) that are the easiest way to convey that message.


So how does it work?


Drop me a mail( devendra.purbiya @ with subject “Postcards::<City>” along-with your address and contact number in the mail, following which I’d be able to courier any two cards from my collection (selected in a lucky draw) to you.


Also, in case you feel that you need/want to be thankful to more friends/family or express your love to anyone, you can place an order for more cards choosing from the entire collection of cards at a very nominal price of Rs.20 each.


Your support and help is always welcome.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Suggest my Facebook page to your friends.

2. Connect me with people who want to capture moments in time and picture-perfect.

3. Pray for me :-)

4. If you feel you have the talent/know someone who is talented (video/photoshop/editing/creative/marketing) you can ask them to connect with me.

5. If you feel there is anyone with a charismatic personality or subjects or causes around you which should be clicked, feel free to contact me and I’d be glad to do the needful.


Suggestions are always welcome and criticism of any kind will be taken in a positive way :-)


Thanks once again and let’s stay connected.


The postcards are attached here for you to see.