-  Eyes in focus. 

In case of a harsh sunny day, move your subject into shade (if possible) so that their eyes are visible.

- Interaction with the camera/environment

A good portrait depicts a story/emotion, the best way to capture it is to depict it by interaction with the camera.

- Avoid distractions

While composing the shot you should try to avoid distractions around the subject. This highlights the subject even more.

- Give space

Give space for the subject to look into. At times very tight compositions do not work.

- Post processing

Do not use too much of black while post processing, this usually takes away the expression in the eyes. Also while changing the white balance to Sepia/BW or any other color tone, think about what feeling you are trying to project. (warmth/cold)

- Let it be natural

When asking your subjects to pose, try to keep it natural and comfortable for the subject. If it is not comfortable the expression will be lost.


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