“Karat karat abhyaas ke jaDmati hot sujaan, rasri aawat jaat hai sil par padat nisaan” – Kabir.

Persistence makes a dumb person intelligent, just like the rope rubbed over a stone repeatedly leaves a mark.

I simply love the sound of flute and the first instrument (rather the only instrument ) I wanted to learn is flute. My love for flute also got me to get my book’s introductory videos background score to be done in flute, which was done by very talented Satyajit Kelkar from pune. ( In case you have not seen the video, here is the link )

I have been trying to learn flute for past few months. The amount of mad travel I have been doing limits my practice. And I realized that right amount of practice done in a right way, is very important part of learning any art. Facebook has limited our attention span, and it causes impatience. It distracts my practice at times, but I have decided by this year, I will be learning my first musical instrument, flute.


Here are the resources I have collected over the time on the internet:
1. http://www.bansuriflute.com/bansuri-for-beginners/a-few-words-for-beginners/ … this site has really good step by step process. I liked the clean design of the website.

2. http://www.bansuriflute.co.uk/p/beginners-how-to-play-bansuri.html … informative, but the design looks like old age. So it becomes tough to read it.

3. http://www.knowyourraga.com/bansuri/ … Not too much content, but still nice website. Talks about making of Bansuri as well.

4. http://www.flutebansuri.com/learn-bansuri/start-here … perfect details to begin with, has some basic exercises as well

5. http://www.bansuriguru.com/ … online software to learn Flute, but it is not supported on MAC.

There are lots of links on youtube as well. But I think these ones are good enough to begin with.

Nice website for Indian musical instruments … http://chandrakantha.com/articles/indian_music/instruments.html
has some interesting youtube links also


http://www.poshmaal.com/ragas.html … A good website to understand raaga and also the bollywood songs which are done with different raaga

I will keep updating the list as I find new resources. Also once I have done enough practice. I will upload my own videos.

Keep watching :D :P