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All of us can add little more fun to our life. Whenever you are feeling down you can find better direction in life by reading/listening. Here is a list of stuff that I have liked over the time … 1. … Wear sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann …

2. … Calvin and Hobbes … amazing learnings :D

3. … Learn to live happily …



6. … overcoming fear in life



Learning Resources for flute

“Karat karat abhyaas ke jaDmati hot sujaan, rasri aawat jaat hai sil par padat nisaan” – Kabir.

Persistence makes a dumb person intelligent, just like the rope rubbed over a stone repeatedly leaves a mark.

I simply love the sound of flute and the first instrument (rather the only instrument ) I wanted to learn is flute. My love for flute also got me to get my book’s introductory videos background score to be done in flute, which was done by very talented Satyajit Kelkar from pune. ( In case you have not seen the video, here is the link )

I have been trying to learn flute for past few months. The amount of mad travel I have been doing limits my practice. And I realized that right amount of practice done in a right way, is very important part of learning any art. Facebook has limited our attention span, and it causes impatience. It distracts my practice at times, but I have decided by this year, I will be learning my first musical instrument, flute.


Here are the resources I have collected over the time on the internet:
1. … this site has really good step by step process. I liked the clean design of the website.

2. … informative, but the design looks like old age. So it becomes tough to read it.

3. … Not too much content, but still nice website. Talks about making of Bansuri as well.

4. … perfect details to begin with, has some basic exercises as well

5. … online software to learn Flute, but it is not supported on MAC.

There are lots of links on youtube as well. But I think these ones are good enough to begin with.

Nice website for Indian musical instruments …
has some interesting youtube links also … A good website to understand raaga and also the bollywood songs which are done with different raaga

I will keep updating the list as I find new resources. Also once I have done enough practice. I will upload my own videos.

Keep watching :D :P

Guide to shooting good portraits

-  Eyes in focus. 

In case of a harsh sunny day, move your subject into shade (if possible) so that their eyes are visible.

- Interaction with the camera/environment

A good portrait depicts a story/emotion, the best way to capture it is to depict it by interaction with the camera.

- Avoid distractions

While composing the shot you should try to avoid distractions around the subject. This highlights the subject even more.

- Give space

Give space for the subject to look into. At times very tight compositions do not work.

- Post processing

Do not use too much of black while post processing, this usually takes away the expression in the eyes. Also while changing the white balance to Sepia/BW or any other color tone, think about what feeling you are trying to project. (warmth/cold)

- Let it be natural

When asking your subjects to pose, try to keep it natural and comfortable for the subject. If it is not comfortable the expression will be lost.


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The world is beautiful and so are you …



One year of full time photography

One year of full time photography

Hola amigos :-)

Breaking news … On 9/13, I complete one year as a full-time photographer. Some of you are aware of the fact and some aren’t. There are others who still don’t have much clue about what I click. So, here is a blog about what I did in the last year .

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What I did last year …

  1. Chennai Fashion Week, published in MegaModelz magzine.
  2. Shot Lakme Fashion Week for various designers.
  3. Conducted a photography workshop at IIT Kharagpur.
  4. Conducted a photography workshop at Unmaad, the cultural fest of IIM Bangalore.
  5. Covered IIT Kharagpur’s Spring fest’2010.
  6. behind the scenes” category nomination in the “Wedding photographer of the year” contest conducted by BetterPhotography magazine.
  7. Candid Wedding Photograph, featured on Kodak Weddingsutra website.
  8. Article published in Times of India, Indore supplement.
  9. Interview was published in IIT Kharagpur’s campus newsletter .
  10. Exhibited my work as a part of “Urban Bengaluru Exhibition” at Jaaga.
  11. Interview on AIR FM Rainbow, Bangalore. 
  12. Panelist for AIESEC’s Youth 2 Business meet.
  13. A book cover for the book named “Vinu, I am getting married” ,by Alchemy Publishers.
  14. One of my wedding photograph was selected by Singapore Tourism for their destination wedding campaign.
  15. 25 weddings covered and still counting … (Including a destination wedding in Thailand :D ).
  16. Behind the scenes shoot for music video by Remix King of Bollywood.
  17. Conducted a photography workshop at IIT Mumbai.

Image goes on a book cover

It came to me as a sweet surprise that one of my images had been selected to be on the cover for Vinu, I am getting married, published by Alchemy publishers. And I was more than happy to get the news. One of the target from my bucket list is done.

Here is the book cover.


My image which goes on the book

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My interview on AIR FM Rainbow


Me with RJ Rashmi

Me in AIR Studio with RJ Rashmi


WARNING::The interview is pretty long. :D


Recently I was interviewed by Rj Rashmi from AIR FM Rainbow. She is amazing Rj full of life and she hosts this show called “Folks with different strokes” on every second and fourth saturday of each month.

When I received a call from her that she wants to interview on her show, I was super excited. (and nervous too as it was going to be my first live interview and I did not know the questions beforehand).

On the day of interview when I started from my house, lord Indra showed his tears and it started pouring like mad. And I had to leave my bike near coffee day on old airport road (probably one of the few CCD, which have parking). My heart started pounding too fast and then the hunt for an auto began, after getting fully drenched I finally got an auto. And managed to reach the studio in time.

A nervous fully drenched me managed to give and interview, here is the link for the same for people who were not able to hear it live.

AIR-FM-Rainbow-101.3.Interview-RJRashmi by devsphotography

P.S::I have removed most of the songs, except one.

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Creative Candid Wedding Photography … Dreams??

Creative Candid Wedding Photography Dreams

Creative Candid Wedding Photography Dreams

1. What should I expect from my first assignment? And what should I expect my client to expect from me?

A. Usually DVDs or printed album is the deliverable. And obviously Candid moments. As there are thousands of customs in India, you can expect a variety of clients.

2. Am I expected to take ‘contemporary or creative shots only’ or as a new-age photographer should I expect to be asked to shoot plastic shots?

A. Something that you have to be clear in the head. If you can manage both then go ahead. But if you cant then tell the client I can’t. Also some people will ask for plastic shots at the wedding. So as far as its not distracting your candid work, then go ahead and click one shot.

3. Equipment? Any must-haves you suggest. I already have a 50mm 1.8 prime along with a 18-55 3.5-4.5 standard zoom and 75-300 4-5.6 telephoto. Should I rent out a lens with a lower aperture?

A. Yes, you will need wider apertures. So rent/buy. A 1.8 aperture is good enough mostly.

4. Online I’ve always seen pro-photographers advising rookies of carrying an additional camera as a back up. Should I rent out a camera? It is my first assignment and my budget is tight, very tight.

A. Yes, having a backup is good idea. But obviously it depends on your budget. If its not falling in your budget then don’t. (a little bit of prayer should help managing with one camera)

5. Speaking of a budget, how much should I charge? I am planning to travel to Dehradun via train. Plus if I am renting out equipment, it would turn out to be an expensive affair. Considering it to be my first assignment, I was thinking of charging somewhere around the range of Rs 10-20K. Too much to ask? I am travelling half the country across to shoot this that is why.

A. I don’t think its too much to ask. As the amount of effort needed is a lot. And if you are planning to do it seriously, 10-20k per day will never look sufficient and eventually you will lose interest in it. If you are doing it for fun, its all bonus.

6. Lastly, presentation. I don’t know any place famous for such albums. Do you suggest me hunting for a place where they print good albums and send them a copy?

A. Canvera is a good option, but be sure to include costs of printing and designing. If you feel that album is too much of headache or its costly, tell your client straightaway.

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Creative Confusions

1. How do i play consistently in the game of life? (I know exactly what kind of life i want and i am working towards it everyday.. How do i bring in self-discipline, patience during times when things are not going my way.. and most importantly, stability of mind?)
A. I believe stability of mind is mostly disturbed by thoughts of different problems(some which we already have, some we anticipate that will happen in future). My usual idea to note down the problems (maybe on paper/else in mind). And see if it has a proper solution. If it has a solution then you already know the solution and can work towards it. This way you will at least know what problems are solvable and what are not. So whenever thought of unsolvable problem comes into your mind then you already know whether to worry about it right now or just postpone thinking about it as you know it does not have immediate solution.

Another idea is to try to postpone the problem for sometime, lets say for half an hour and maybe the need to think about it will be gone.
Like usually when I am about to go to bed in night, I always get two thoughts:
a. Have I wished everyone birthday on FB (easy task).
b. Have I delivered the pictures to all the clients? And replied to all the mails? (A little tough :D )
I tell myself that tomorrow morning I will wake up early and finish it all up. And go to sleep peacefully and it works most of the times.

2. My mind wanders a lot sometimes. I indulge in a lot of wasteful activities when I’m not feeling like working on my goals. How do i vent out myself constructively and be back to my goals with renewed vigor?
A. I think its human nature to be distracted. And new age also has reduced our attention span. The more we are forced to do some things at our workplace, more energy is wasted. And you can’t expect creative outputs when you are low on energy. You can challenge yourself to be away from Facebook for half an hour and keep increasing the time gradually. (Let me know how you can succeed at that :D )

Also a creative mind has a tendency to wander a lot. I also tend to like hundreds of things and my wishlist has lots of things to be done. But some are done, some are not.

3. Is it okay to follow somebody you aspire to be completely or you should be what you are and try to better yourself?
A. It is a very philosophical question I think. I personally do not aspire to be someone else. I try to keep comparing me with myself to keep improving and I do not try to push myself too much :D . I do have mentors who are much better than me and I keep seeking their guidance from time to time.

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How to present your best folio to get most constructive feedback? #day2

Off late I get lots of request from people to see their work and comment on it.

So I thought I should write about some things that should be kept in mind before writing such a mail to anyone, so that you get the best feedback.

1. Introspect

First of all try to criticize your own work. Do you find some faults? How it could have been clicked better? In terms of lighting, composition, situation? If you do not find the solution, then it makes sense to ask someone.

2. Just picked a DSLR

I just picked a DSLR, I started clicking things around me. Do u think I can be a photographer/do u think I click well. The question effectively is “is my camera working fine?”, the answer is yes, so the first impression you will create is little bad.

3. Too many albums

I love all my pictures and there are just 500pics and 50 albums. Nobody in this world has time to look at someone else’s images and critique them, unless they are of awesome quality. And if you have that awesome quality then you don’t need feedback anyways.

4. Love my subject too much

I loved this sunset/bird/flower, so I clicked 10 pics of it. Repetitive images don’t please anyone (moreover it makes you look like more amateurish) , unless they have something unique in terms of composition/lighting or they create a story, if they don’t, sadly you have to remove few of them.

If you want your work to look professional in future, you can not escape right now by saying I am an amateur.

So ideally if you want constructive feedback from anyone, you should present them with about 20images and in case feedback on them is good, then you can ask them if they would like to see more.

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