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Image goes on a book cover

It came to me as a sweet surprise that one of my images had been selected to be on the cover for Vinu, I am getting married, published by Alchemy publishers. And I was more than happy to get the news. One of the target from my bucket list is done.

Here is the book cover.


My image which goes on the book

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My interview on AIR FM Rainbow


Me with RJ Rashmi

Me in AIR Studio with RJ Rashmi


WARNING::The interview is pretty long. :D


Recently I was interviewed by Rj Rashmi from AIR FM Rainbow. She is amazing Rj full of life and she hosts this show called “Folks with different strokes” on every second and fourth saturday of each month.

When I received a call from her that she wants to interview on her show, I was super excited. (and nervous too as it was going to be my first live interview and I did not know the questions beforehand).

On the day of interview when I started from my house, lord Indra showed his tears and it started pouring like mad. And I had to leave my bike near coffee day on old airport road (probably one of the few CCD, which have parking). My heart started pounding too fast and then the hunt for an auto began, after getting fully drenched I finally got an auto. And managed to reach the studio in time.

A nervous fully drenched me managed to give and interview, here is the link for the same for people who were not able to hear it live.

AIR-FM-Rainbow-101.3.Interview-RJRashmi by devsphotography

P.S::I have removed most of the songs, except one.

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